Efficient and Safe Storing of Die-cutting Tools

Die-cutting Tool
Storage System

A system of boxes to substantially speed up processes and save operators’ energy for other tasks. This solution is based on the use of boxes for storing die-cutting tools. The boxes are stored using lifting and handling equipment in a specially adapted multi-storey racking system.

System Features


The system of boxes allows you to store tools in higher storeys of racks and hence exploit the height of your warehouse to the full. The spatial capacity of your workplace will substantially increase as it will no longer be limited by the reach of your warehousemen. The space freed up can be used, for example, for new equipment to increase your production capacity.


Our solution can be “grafted” onto your existing racking system. You do not need to choose from a limited number of box models - we can adjust the height, width and depth of the supplied boxes to your requirements. We can adapt your forklift with a simple and certified attachment so you can still use your lifting and handling equipment for other operations.


The system can be easily extended and enhanced. It is entirely up to you at which level you start. You can leave the handling to your warehousemen or opt for a higher level of automation. You can purchase boxes, racks and a spike for your handling equipment. Later, the lifting and handling equipment can be improved with a camera and screen to ensure easier removing of boxes from the racking system. Or you can leapfrog to apply codes to guide the forklift directly for unmanned operation. Do you want everything right away or gradually? It is entirely up to you.


Box handling is much safer than handling unpacked tools stored on pallets. Besides, it saves your employees a lot of energy. Storing tools unpacked on pallets or in makeshift organizers is never as safe as storing them in specially designed metal boxes. By using special boxes, you prevent potential incidents as your employees will not need to physically remove and load tools on the lifting and handling equipment. A few years down the road, they will appreciate the fact that they do not suffer from occupational diseases. Plus, your die-cutting tools will be kept securely in the boxes safe from the risk of damage.

Basic System Components


Our boxes for racking systems are designed for easy handling. We will customize them based on your requirements. We can also equip them with a system for the automatic removal of boxes from the racks.


We can adjust your existing racking system for the use of boxes. Alternatively, we can also supply a brand new racking system.


We will supply you with a lifting and handling equipment, or you can just adjust your existing equipment by attaching a spike to it. We can optionally provide a camera system and codes for the automated removal of boxes from the racks.

Technical Specifications

Our racking system is certified by TÜV SÜD PRODUCT SERVICE, a globally renowned certification organisation. The nominal load-bearing capacity meets the applicable requirements: all our rack frames satisfy the requirement for the safety factor of 2.2 – this means that the rack and its components can bear 2.2 times their nominal surface load.

Pallet Racking System

Length 2.700 mm - max. 2.200 kg
Height according to a situation
Depth 1.100 mm or 1.500 mm


Frames zinc-coated
Beams varnished

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